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Learn Facebook Marketing: 10 Steps to Start Promoting Your Business on Facebook

Facebook is changing rapidly from year to year.

If you regularly use Facebook, you must be aware.

Facebook marketing tutorials that are effective 2-3 years ago are most likely no longer valid.

Or worse, even harmful.

The problem is that the online information movement in Indonesia is still slower than outside, so expired guides are often found.

There are more…
Hey! I've some great article(s) for you, so, let's check this article(s) out: ExcuZily ... now when talking about Facebook marketing, we always think of 'advertisements'.

Whereas before there were still ads that you MUST prepare first.

For this reason this guide was made.

You will learn what steps you have to do in the world of modern Facebook and marketing, so that your strategy is perfect.

1. Find 5 pages of your rival's brand on Facebook Here's the problem:

People who have just jumped into Facebook usually immediately "play rough".

That is, they don't know anything about Facebook. What t…